Digital marketing as seen by Czech digital agencies

From June to September 2011, I collected data for my academic and non-commercial research of digital agencies in the Czech Republic, both members of Asociace.BIZ and Digitální Agentury association as well as selected non-member agencies. The results may be interesting not only for those who process various digital projects, but also for their clients and marketing professionals.

I was inspired by studies of the Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA), which serves as a voice for digital marketing professionals worldwide. I focus on important topics related to digital marketing, as they are seen from the perspective of Czech digital agencies. It was challenging to obtain  the answers from their representatives, especially when the number of individual members of both associations has changed during the data collecting.

One of the most interesting information noticed is the comparison of usage and effectiveness of digital marketing channels, evaluation of advertising effectiveness metrics, and information sources about the profile and consumer behavior, new technologies and trends.

Another finding relates to the usage of internal and external (outsourced) staff resources. Surveyed companies have clearly minimal interest in internal marketing research positions, unlike the web analysts or strategic planners. Supposedly, used technological measurements offer them sufficient information about consumer behavior, which is considered the major factor regarding changes to investments in digital marketing.

Survey results can be found at Digital Marketing as Seen by Czech Digital Agencies


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