How global brands use social media

Detailed data analysis of 25 top brands and 10 media, mentioned also in Socialbakers’ article, shows specific view on dynamics of their social network growth. Mutual ratio of Facebook, Google+ and Twitter fans and followers will be probably not surprising for many marketers. The more factual is the information provided by brand and its products or services, the more explicit is the dominant communication channel (and vice versa). Therefore specifically food and beverages brands should consider the efficiency of their Twitter presence (measured in tweets).

Hypothesis about Google+ brands growth has a reasonable basis. Now among leaders we can see brands as H&M, Samsung USA, Dell, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Starbucks. Online media are represented by ESPN, The New York Times, and BBC News.

Since this article has been written on Sunday, January 15, 17:00 CET, the number of fans and followers of selected brands undoubtedly has changed. So datasets above are only informative. The current dynamic development of social networks is a fact. This growth could be seen as spontaneous, random and infinite by many readers, but definitely not by social media marketers nor by social network developers.


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