Coca-Cola and Pepsi rival on Google+

The beginning of Chinese New Year of Dragon is marked by online rivalry of Coca-Cola and Pepsi on Google+. Both brands managed to achieve almost the same number of new Google+ followers over the past week, more than 81 thousand, and became the most active brands on this social media. On the other hand, especially retail brands Macy’s and H&M, luxury brand Burberry, and electronic manufacturing brand Samsung USA were slightly less active here.

Nevertheless, the growth of Facebook fans and Twitter followers did not exceed the 6% bar. In absolute numbers it spans from several hundreds to three quarters of a million new fans or followers of individual brands.

The media overview below indicates the continuous growth of new ESPN and BBC News Google+ followers. ESPN and BBC News also gained the highest percentage increase on Twitter during the third week in January 2012, both almost 3%.

While looking at major social network rivals, Google acquired almost 376 thousand new fans on Facebook, i.e. 7.4% increase, and 4.5 thousand new Google+ followers, i.e. 4.4% improvement. At the same time, Facebook’s profile has become one of the most popular ones on Facebook with more than 768 thousand new fans in a week (1.3% growth). Lastly, when can we expect Facebook to open its profile on Google+ to prove its power also here and to strike back?


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