The SoDA Report now quarterly

The brand new SoDA Report, formerly known as the Digital Marketing Outlook, was published last week for Q1 2012. Almost one hundred pages of inspiring reading include the thoughts and opinions of approx. seven hundreds marketers, agencies, technologists and digital industry insiders. It is not the only reason, why currently this industry study serves as a professional information and strategy tool for marketers and agencies worldwide.

Reader’s attention is attracted by well-arranged structure and eye-catching look. Content is adequately balanced for specialist from different areas of digital marketing. Each section focused on special topic (Industry Insider, Modern Marketers, People Power & Tech Talk) is supplemented by interviews with professionals and related survey insights. I was interested in particular  in following articles:

  • Five key level of consumer within a trend’s lifetime. Digital creative agency Big Spaceship offers new consumer segmentation concept reflecting the influence of the trends (pp. 21-23). According to Fast Company, the Big Spaceship belongs to the world’s 10 most innovative advertising companies in 2012.
  • Strategic marketing as spaceship building? Chad Ciesil from Bluewall Media presents wittily his inspiration in science fiction and the Aztecs on pp. 42-43.
  • Analysts from Adobe, Google Analytics and Compete discuss their opinion on measuring best practices, common mistakes made by marketers, social media monitoring tools, and predictions on product developments for 2012 (pp. 72-74).

From now on, the SoDA Report will be published quarterly, also available in tablet format. According to Tony Quin, SoDA’s Board Chairman, new periodicity and format „will bring to the digital marketing industry the opportunity to hear a much wider variety of brand and agency voices as the year unfolds.“


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