The Czech land, Startup land

The most common problems are missing business experiences and financial instruments for realizing the entrepreneurship ideas. Both are provided by seed accelerators. They can be found not only in the USA in Silicon Valley but also in the heart of Europe, in the Czech Republic.


StartupYard LogoThe most prestigious Czech seed accelerator is StartupYard. Three-month accelerator programme in the hearth of the Europe offers knowledge, mentoring and finance for starting entrepreneurs. Its aim is to help technological startups to create feasible products, to break the market and successfully  obtain the capital for next development. The models for this accelerator are the world leaders Y Combinator or TechStars. The fact that StartupYard has already achieved the international level is that It has been included into the net called Global Accelerator Network (his members are also TechStarsChinaccelerator a SparkLabs). There were 22 companies from September 2011 to 2013 which has grown in StarutpYard. The most successful companies are Brand EmbassyTravelatus and If you have an ambitious and interesting idea on a project or a firm best related in the field of data processing, you can join to the cycle 2014 by the end of January.

Wayra LogoThere has been also a global accelerator Wayra in Prague since last year. The programme of the Telefónica Digital company. Its aim is to support the innovations and search for the talents in Latin America and Europe in the field of the internet and new information and communication technology (ICT). The participants obtain not only financing, office space and business training but also contacts to mentors and startups from all foreign departments in eleven countries on three continents. Wayra Prague opened the door for tens of innovative projects in summer 2013. Now there will be final Demo Day for the participants in the beginning of this February, where will the startups (for instance Data MolinoBIG LauncherLionexpoNetworker) present their progress to the investors and journalists. There will be new projects in 2014 and it can be yours. You can sign in your idea by the 23rd February.

StarCube LogoVery popular Czech accelerator from the city Brno is StarCube, startup accelerator which was founded in 2010 by the South Moravian Innovation Centre (JIC). This programme goes on in English (similarly StartupYard, Wayra) and there are ten to fifteen international teams every year. In comparison with the previous years, the projects which were registered to the half of the January 2014 must show the interest from the customers about their products or services. The winning projects will participate on three-month period of workshops, lectures and consultancy with successfully entrepreneurs and specialists from practice, individual mentoring, scope StarCube space or unique hardware utility for their uses. The team StarCube helps startups to move their projects to the next stage and gain financial resources for the next development. The programme starts in February and culminates with the final competition in StarCube show in May 2014. In previous cycles were unique projects like CoraabiaCelebrio, CaverSoft, Braci or Be Interactive. 

Node5 LogoThe more and more popular in Prague is NODE5, shared workspace opened in May 2012. It is a dynamically evolving project which combines business incubator and startup accelerator. It is mainly for technological startups in the first stage of the development. You can find there mostly programmers, graphics and UX designers. NODE5 is determined for people and their thoughts where they meet, communicate and work in shared space. There are also interesting trainings and actions here. For instance the Prague stop of Startup Rally in 2013.  A lot of startups from different European countries met there and mutually compared their presence skills. Among the stars of NODE5 belong  ApiaryrealPad or OpenBrand. Prague NODE5 incubator space is currently expanding and attracts more startups.


MSIC LogoIn the end of the last year, Microsoft software company opened the third Czech and first Prague innovation center. Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) is a platform aimed on a development of the students, scientists, teachers and starting entrepreneurs. All MIC belongs to the net of more than hundred  similar institutions operating on five continents. Prague department, compared to Brno department (founded in 2008) and Hradec Králové department (founded in 2010), was founded in cooperation with the WBI Systems and is dependent on private subjects. The most programmes and services of MIC BrnoMIC Hradec Králové and MIC Prague are free. They are focused primarily on knowledge and creating contacts, technologies, organisation of trainings, lending hardware and providing software support. Microsoft Innovation Center are using mainly active people with the interest of developing their ICT knowledge.

CzechAccelerator LogoCzechAccelerator is a project of CzechInvest agency which is focused on the development of Czech small and middle-size technological companies in foreign markets. It follows the pilot part which was from April 2010 to March in 2011 in Silicon Valley in the USA. Its aim is a development of managerial experiences and company activities focused on commercializing their own products, practical using of business plan and strengthening marketing and managerial abilities. The constituent part of provided consultancy is additional capital support for the company development from business angels and venture capitalists. The firms in parallel obtain easy access to strategic partners, marketing and law trainings, mentoring, networking, seminars and next advantages. Project is divided into several cycles. The participants can choose the field and destination as the West and East Coast of the USA, Singapore, Israel and Swiss in which you would like to get experiences and develop your business. Among the companies which participate on this project belong for example be3DDesigneros or Imagemetry.

As you can see the Czech Republic starts to be an open idea country. If you want to lauch your business, it’s the best time.

If you want to learn more, follow this blog.


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