LinkedIn attracts innovators and startups

LinkedIn is increasingly attracting the attention of professionals in the field of startups, accelerators, startup venture capital and angel investors.

This fact is also confirmed by annual comparison of the membership size. The number of new members almost doubled in most categories, mainly in Europe. Earlier this year, there have been more than 2 million professionals with Innovation or Startup skills on LinkedIn.

LI Members in Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America by Skills 2014-01-02

More than half of the Startup professionals come from North America (55%). This region is also the leading in the representation of Innovation (50%), R&D (42%) and Venture Capital & Private Equity (40%). However, Innovation Management (60%) and Innovation Development (43%) are the domains of European professionals.


A pleasant finding is the presence of a majority of the 37 companies from The Billion-Dollar Startup Club (the best startups that are valued at $1 billion or more by venture-capital firms) on LinkedIn. Nine of ten startups (90%) have a LinkedIn company page – more precisely, all American and European startups, and the half of the Chinese.

Dropbox Xiaomi Palantir Jingdong Zalando
SpaceX Spotify Pinterest Uber Square
VANCL Bloom Energy Airbnb Woodman Labs Snapchat
Trendy International Group Box Stripe Mobileye
Legendary Entertainment
Jawbone Fanatics Deem
Sogou MongoDB Fab Gilt Groupe LaShou Group
Nutanix Xunlei Good Technology Pure Storage Evernote CloudFlare Beats Electronics


You will also find the world’s leading tech accelerators on LinkedIn. Not all of them get the most out of this largest professional social network worldwide. But it is never too late to catch up with others and to start use LinkedIn full speed.

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