LinkedIn attracts innovators and startups

LinkedIn is increasingly attracting the attention of professionals in the field of startups, accelerators, startup venture capital and angel investors.

This fact is also confirmed by annual comparison of the membership size. The number of new members almost doubled in most categories, mainly in Europe. Earlier this year, there have been more than 2 million professionals with Innovation or Startup skills on LinkedIn.

LI Members in Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America by Skills 2014-01-02

More than half of the Startup professionals come from North America (55%). This region is also the leading in the representation of Innovation (50%), R&D (42%) and Venture Capital & Private Equity (40%). However, Innovation Management (60%) and Innovation Development (43%) are the domains of European professionals.


A pleasant finding is the presence of a majority of the 37 companies from The Billion-Dollar Startup Club (the best startups that are valued at $1 billion or more by venture-capital firms) on LinkedIn. Nine of ten startups (90%) have a LinkedIn company page – more precisely, all American and European startups, and the half of the Chinese.

Dropbox Xiaomi Palantir Jingdong Zalando
SpaceX Spotify Pinterest Uber Square
VANCL Bloom Energy Airbnb Woodman Labs Snapchat
Trendy International Group Box Stripe Mobileye
Legendary Entertainment
Jawbone Fanatics Deem
Sogou MongoDB Fab Gilt Groupe LaShou Group
Nutanix Xunlei Good Technology Pure Storage Evernote CloudFlare Beats Electronics


You will also find the world’s leading tech accelerators on LinkedIn. Not all of them get the most out of this largest professional social network worldwide. But it is never too late to catch up with others and to start use LinkedIn full speed.

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Europe is conquering the LinkedIn

LinkedIn succeeded in 2013. The number of new members has increased in all categories and European continent has recorded the most dynamic growth. What has changed on this social network in the last year?

LinkedIn celebrated ten years since its inception in 2003. The largest professional social network managed to get 259 million members in 200 countries around the world in last decade – primarily from the territory of LinkedIn origin North America (42%). More than a quarter of its base is formed by professionals from Europe (26%), followed by Asia (17%) and Latin America (15%). Other regions, Africa, Middle East and Oceania, consists of more than one tenth (11%) of all members of LinkedIn Antarctica is only a microscopic fraction containing fewer than 5,000 professionals.

LI Members Regional Share 2014-01-02

Annual comparison of the number of LinkedIn members from the beginning of 2013 and 2014 shows an increase of membership in all measured categories. These you can find in the basic selection LinkedIn Ads. This platform also has seen development in the past year – including content progress, such as the ability to post ads in more selected international languages etc., LinkedIn Ads environment is becoming increasingly more attractive and more user-friendly. It is therefore not surprising that the continual development of LinkedIn Ads and LinkedIn attracts and increases the number of members, particularly from large companies and corporations.

The globally highest growth on LinkedIn was recorded by category of Entries. Their number increased by 28.9 million over one year. This is double the number of new Senior members, which increased by 14.8 million. The Manufacturing recorded the highest increase in the number of LinkedIn members by Industry (by 8.7 million year on year). Among the most growing industries showed up also Finance, Medical, High Tech, Educational and Consumer Goods (each mentioned category increased at least by 6.0 million). According to Job Function, the Operations segment was the most growing (by 6.1 million), followed by Sales, Administrative, Education and Engineering staff (each mentioned category increased at least by 3.4 million).

LinkedIn Ads offers an interesting comparison among the regions in all main categories Gender, Company Size, Seniority, Job Position or Industry. You can find differences (for example the proportions of men and women or higher proportional representation of High Tech professionals from Asia in comparison to other continents) and similarities (for example the proportional representation of professionals in the field of Sales, Operations and Consumer Goods in all measured regions).

LI Members in Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America 2014-01-02

Out of all continents in 2013, Europe was clearly the fastest growing one. The number of European LinkedIn members doubled in more than half of Industries – in the largest number by Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Medical and HighTech. Almost a quarter of European LinkedIn members live in the UK (23%), followed by France (11%), Italy (10%), Spain (9%) and the Netherlands (7%). Interesting is the same large of member base in Germany (5%) and Turkey (5%). Other remarkable comparison offers the region of Central Europe – earlier this year, Poland has exceeded the limit of 1.2 million and the Czech Republic 0.6 million od LinkedIn members. However, the penetration figures indicate the LinkedIn account with every thirty second Polish, in Czech Republic it was every seventeenth Czech. Even these figures demonstrate the growing popularity of LinkedIn in the heart of Europe.

LI Members European Countries 2014-01-02

English reigns in LinkedIn Babylon

Almost a year ago LinkedIn Ads offered its users the ability to create the ad campaigns on LinkedIn not only in English but also in other languages. Earlier this year, the language filter has been integrated to the entry page for ad campaign setup. Now you can talk to members of the largest professional network in the world in nearly two dozen different languages. Do you know who they are? Who to target in what language?

English is the most frequent language on LinkedIn and it is spoken by vast majority of users of this social network. If we put their number in proportion to the number of English native speakers, it would be more than half (55.6%). When we include also those who use English as their second language, it would be almost one fifth (18.0%). In the first and second case it is a respectable performance.

Another important group consists of four Roman languages – Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian. In these languages communicates in total 50.4 million LinkedIn members, half of them in Spanish. Compared with English used by 200 million members, it is a mere quarter. The one-per-cent border then cross only German with 2.4 million members. In 13 other languages speaks in total 8.7 million members.

19 LinkedIn Languages 2013-07-01 EN

LinkedIn offer overall includes 6 of the 10 most widely used languages. Mandarin and Hindustani absent completely, although being the first and third most spoken languages in the world. Nevertheless, LinkedIn still has a significant number of English speaking members in Asia (see chart below), not to mention the members using the local languages such as Japanese, Korean, Malay or Indonesian.

The six most frequent languages on LinkedIn – English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and German – differ not only in absolute numbers. The percentage distribution in each category also shows interesting differences, especially by age (see data on Portuguese and Italian members), job function (see e.g. differences in administrative and business by Portuguese) and industry (see Portuguese representation in corporate sector).

These details need to be taken into account in the planning and realization of ad campaigns on LinkedIn. At the same time remember that their design is not only about segmentation and size of the ad budget, but also the form and content of campaign implementation. And maybe even a touch of humor – interesting and funny idea can be understood in any language.

Top 6 LinkedIn Languages Memebers 2013-07-01